Thursday, 4 April 2013

WolfPlay ~ Step into my world ~ New Rock Album Coming Out Soon

Wolf Play ~ This year is another year gone by but I'm expecting much bigger things this year from myself with loads of work with my endless rock music project. I'm getting prepared to made my mark soon in this music industry and to all rock & roll people out there to get ready and for the first time, the sleeping giant will be awakened with the sound of WolfPlay. I haven't really shared much in detail about my exact style but it will remain a big surprise. I love giving surprises but keep one thing in mind that the songs are coming and this project will get completed towards the end of the year. On the business end we where already approached with great interest from a few recording companies for a label but it's in the works is all we can tell you right now.

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Also member of Local 591 Thunder Bay Musicians Association Union

 Being a musician and family man takes a lot of sacrifices and family and friends supporting this project is sure appreciated. I'm the song writer, lead singer and lead guitarist for WolfPlay. Anyone who thinks creating music is easy and trying to accomplish my goals of making an album-CD is not easy. I written so many songs and then the preparation and arrangements of each songs takes a lot of work to achieve. But I'm a guy on a mission and just like all other things that I had great success doing so with in my pass, This project is even more important to me personally then all others that drives me to complete it soon and hopefully everyone will like it. It's having the right people on board all on the same page as musicians and the right contacts of course plus the best music possible is a what we are going for in all. Being a rocker is awesome as long that everyone is persistent with this project, we will prevail. Everyone knows I also fly fish and well known at it but would love to go fly fishing around the world and rock in each of them places performing live. It's funny a few years ago when I mentioned this to some people, they thought I was out of my mind but knowing what I was capable of making it all happen I guess i have a good enough reasons to my madness but hey wouldn't trade this for the world. I remember purchasing a few new guitars, amp and other equipment all at once in one day and having a jealous EX girlfriend was mad at me for my big purchase out of my own money. Too funny now that I think about it. I tried to explain why but again since I been with my better half of 5 years supporting my goals every step of the way and with my family and friends who believe in me doing so makes a world of difference. My experience to prepare me for this project happened many years ago and speaking of fly fishing, the same thrill applies with playing your own music and guitar solo like hooking landing a big fish and releasing it and do it all over again and dissecting a hatch. It's a feeling I can't explain but a very good one I must say and an awesome rush. Anyways WolfPlay here we come and know we will kick some serious ass loving what we do best! \m/

   I try to stay away from fiction songs but more base on experience with some reality story songs. Not much for politics songs or breakup boo hoo's songs. These two I try to stay away from but more on positive endings songs. I also got some guitar shredding in some of the songs but clear vocals without the screaming is a must.

   Getting ready for some future videos as well... Been experimenting with the chroma key green screen with my video Sony Movie Studio HD software and my Sound Forge Audio Studio. Here was my experiment... Note when sitting in front of a green screen it's very hot and a few fans needed because of the lighting needed to get the job done. In this case I'm going to add more lighting for my future video's.

WolfPlay is just starting to take some bookings already for 2016 and one that is exciting is at the Adirondack foothills, New York festival. It will be a camping ground filled with musicians and vendors. We are going to plan doing a few shows there and within the area and hopefully Toronto on our way back. We will let you know our tour dates.